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Laughter Yoga Chicago -- Bring Us in For Your Next Corporate Retreat

Nike, HBO, Forbes, and Apple all offer on-site yoga classes for their employees. These and scores more Fortune 500 companies consider yoga important enough to offer classes as a regular employee benefit. The current boom in corporate yoga can be traced back 25 years to when companies began adopting wellness programs to lower health care costs. Many companies jumped at the opportunity to establish fitness programs as part of a wellness initiative and began subsidizing gyms, which offered yoga as a "lite" exercise option.

Now companies are incorporating Laughter Yoga into off-site Retreats. By having some Laughter Yoga sessions prior to brainstorming or ideation sessions - those sessions become much more productive. You stand a much better chance of having your people come up with breakthrough new products, marketing programs and strategies.

With Laughter Yoga at your next retreat - there are lasting decreases in both the physical and psychological symptoms of stress. Your employees experience an increased ability to relax, greater energy and enthusiasm for life, improved self-esteem, and increased ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations

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