Laughter Yoga Chicago,


Want to Do Something Unique? Hire a Dynamic Laugher Yoga Speaker / Trainer - For Your Next Trade Association Meeting!

Employ Rick Hauser, head of Laughter Yoga Chicago - as your keynote speaker at your next trade show association meeting!

Rick has given thousands of presentations on a variety of topics worldwide - and is a nationally known speaker, and an authority on Laughter Yoga.

Rick talks about the things that are stressing people - including unique types of stressors that you may not be aware of on a subconcious level. He'll talk about how you can overcome these stressors - and will perform Laughter Yoga sessions - to provide motivation, creativity, team spirit and stress management to your people.

The programs Rick offers are of a radically different, ground-breaking nature. You will be entertained, and yet this is not about entertainment. There is no comedy involved. Participants still laugh though, and some can't even stop. They learn that laughter is already built into their very own body. It just needs to be exercised.

Rick's most popular programs are:

-- Laugh Yourself Healthy
-- Achieving Serenity in a Chaotic World

He customizes his presentations to best fit the needs and requirements of the audience he is speaking to.

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