Laughter Yoga Chicago,


Chicago Laughter Yoga Sessions for Senior Centers and Nursing Homes

Being in a senior center or nursing home can be a bit boring or depressing at times for some people. A senior might miss your relatives, or not enjoy certain aspects of their environment, or the change that they just went through - moving from a home to a center for example.

We help seniors have a better outlook on life - today - and in the days to come! Seniors are laughing after we put them through the Laughter Yoga exercises!

One of the best things seniors can do for their heart is enjoy a hearty laugh. Laughing not only lifts their spirits, but also promotes good health as well. At our Laughter Yoga sessions at senior centers - systolic blood pressure readings dropped 10 points and diastolic - 5 points, after they performed Laughter Yoga! (Source of before and after measurement - Northwest Community Hospital nurse.)

You do not need a brain surgeon to know laughing makes you feel good. When you laugh, you exercise your lungs, heart and diaphragm. It is also a terrific way to reduce stress, which can help lower blood pressure. Our Laughter Yoga sessions teach you how to be more playful and to learn to laugh at yourself. Gently acknowledging our own flaws and foibles is the best way to begin expanding our sense of humor. Learn to take your life seriously, but yourself lightly.

Here is a web site for seniors that you might find of interest - that pretty much says the same thing!

Please have your staff contact us, to see if we have availability for the date that you have in mind. We encourage you to have a group of 15-25 people ready when we come - to enjoy a lot of fun and laughter!