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Laughter Yoga Training Sessions Makes Business Sense -- The Workplace Benefits....

Leadership that encourages self-esteem, cooperation, creative thinking, job satisfaction, and a place where people want to work, is the emerging demand from today's work force.

Leadership that increases productivity and profit, is the emerging demand from today's corporate owners and executives.

Laughter is a logical part of the solution. In addition to helping employees cope with change, laughter yoga will help:

* Bolster eroding trust
* Boost morale and motivate employees
* Build resilience
* Create rapport with customers
* Deflect criticism
* Get and hold attention
* Make communications less awkward
* Manage conflicts
* Persuade others to see (and perhaps adopt) your point of view
* Reduce burnout
* Reduce tension, frustration and anger
* Remove intimidating barriers between management and non
* Management employees
* Stimulate creative problem solving
* Strengthen bonds between co-workers
* Strengthen memory of the points you want to be remembered
* Sustain a positive attitude on the job
* And most importantly keep everyday hassles and problems in perspective.

Laughter is nature's most economical and instant stressbuster and regular laughter sessions lead to scientifically measured stress reductions of 50% or more. It also helps in coping with psychological problems like low self-esteem, depression and phobias.

The effects of Laughter Yoga are described by some companies as "revolutionary", and yet a typical program consists of inexpensive weekly sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

Laughter Yoga exploded from just 5 to hundreds of thousands practitioners in 40 countries in eleven years, with no marketing or advertising campaigns. It is set to grow even faster as businesses, governments and multinational corporations discover the benefits and excellent return on investment.